Students experience superb literature in a creative and vibrant way through our readers theatre style. Audiences participate by role playing and making rhythms, engaging them in literature that moves their hearts and minds. In addition, students look for specific elements of good writing in each story - plot, theme, character, and language. These elements are defined and later explored more fully in the workshops. The Bridge Show performance features these literary gems:

The Bridge Workshops
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The workshops are designed to take the mystery and guesswork out of writing fiction. Using a simple diagram, we show your children how to build a great story in easy-to-understand terms. Then we apply what we’ve learned: the children actually create a story during the workshop. In conjunction with this, we utilize two imagination exercises, designed to both activate the children’s imaginations and to illustrate how to create real and rich characters in the children’s own stories. The ink flows!

What Do Students Experience In The Bridge Performance?

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

A folktale originating in Kenya, interpreted as a

rain dance, with the children supplying the rhythm

and rainstorm. Written by Michigan author,

Verna Aardema, this piece is used to explore language.

1 Show    $575     

2 Shows  $825
2 Classroom Workshops $225

Full Day Package

   2 Shows & 2 Workshops  $975

Horton Hears a Who

The audience becomes “Whoville” as

students join us in presenting this Dr. Seuss

classic that encourages respect for all and

serves as an example for character.

The Ogre with the Three Golden Hairs

A little known gem of a tale from the

Brothers Grimm; used to analyze plot

in the workshop.

Love You Forever

A moving contemporary piece by

Robert Munsch, about love being passed on;

used to discuss theme in the workshop.