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Lise Lacasse

Catherine Zardus*

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"When three people wearing black can create a colorful world of many, many people for kids to see just by our taking the words from the pages of an actual book, it’s magic!"

Bridge Cast 

Magic Carpet and Bridge Cast 

Magic Carpet Theatre consists of professional actors who are unrivaled in their passion and love for performing these wonderful, classic stories for children. *Catherine Zardus, Lise Lacasse, Barbie Weisserman and *Nancy Kammer- Wildern have been delighting children of all ages for years. All MCT actors draw upon their formal training and expansive professional credits, bringing a depth and vibrancy to each performance with profound effects. Reactions from the audience of children, educators and parents alike have always been one of amazement and gratitude for their inspirational and creative performances! Bring new life and passion for literacy and imagination to your kids, through our unique readers theatre style.

"The kids loved it.  It was great to see a group come into the school with nothing but the clothes on their backs and make the stories come alive. Kids had to use their imagination.  This was an exceptional assembly."


-Amy Uebbing, Troy Union

In a generation of technology, not only is it a privilege and an honor, but a necessity to bring award winning children's literature to life - off the page, exposed and alive!"

"It is our delight to inspire children with live theatre. It is our joy to bring joy to children with meaningful literature and to help them realize the brilliance of their own imaginations!"

"I remember the first time I saw Magic Carpet Theatre.  It blew me away. This was really good theatre, tight ensemble work." 



Magic Carpet Cast

Artistic Director

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning. - Brad Henry

"This is the finest representation of what literature can be and do that I have ever seen." – Kim Stanley, Northwood Schools